iBookshelf is an application for cataloging your book collection and designing bookshelves based for it. Written in C#/Mono using the Gtk# graphical toolkit. This project is specifically an experiment in computer aided design. If you are just looking for a working catalog application for your book collection, I suggest you take a look at Alexandria.

April 7, 2005 - Version 0.1.4 Released
March 16, 2005 - Version 0.1.3 Released
March 12, 2005 - Version 0.1.2 Released. Now depends on Gtk# 1.9.x
March 5, 2005 - Version 0.1.1 Released


iBookshelf is written in C#, targetting Mono and Gtk#. The program should run on the MS.NET runtime provided you have the Gtk# libraries installed. I have tested it on Mono running on Linux and Windows. Other dependencies as follows:

The new release now uses autotools for installation so you should be able to compile and install in the traditional manner. To unpack:

$ tar -xvzf ibookshelf-0.1.1.tar.gz
$ cd ibookshelf-0.1.1
Then to compile and install:
$ ./configure
$ make
$ sudo make install
To run the program use the following command:
$ ibookshelf
That's it.


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